Regain control over your communication contracts with our adaptable monthly agreements – no more enduring fixed contracts.

Experience the freedom of our rolling monthly contracts, as we trust in our service excellence, eliminating the need for outdated 3 or 5-year commitments.

Flexibility: Our Cloud Telephony solutions not only offer unparalleled flexibility but also deliver a state-of-the-art communication platform, simplifying connections for your team and customers.

Innovation: Embrace innovation with SolaaS, proud partners with Wildix, globally recognized leaders in Cloud Telephony and pioneers of industry innovation.

Designed for your business needs: Our solutions are completely scaleable, allowing you to effortlessly add or remove users based on seasonal variations in call volume.

Supporting Remote or Hybrid working: If your team works remotely, a cloud telephony system will enable them to answer calls as though they were sitting in the office.

Unifying communication: Achieve seamless communication with Unified Communications, linking team calendars and extensions for a smooth channel between your staff and customers.

Hassle-free setup: You have total control over call handling, enabling you to implement navigation menus that ensure your customers connect with the right person, enhancing the overall customer service experience.

Alongside all the benefits above, there is an element of future-proofing when moving to a cloud based phone system as BT is planning to switch off its legacy ISDN phone switch system in 2025. This will affect anyone who has not made the switch to cloud telephony. You can get ahead of the game by making the switch today. Read more about the BT Switch off and the benefits of upgrading your phone system.


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