About us

SolaaS is a provider of telephone, IT and connectivity services. We provide innovative solutions to businesses, in order to meet their communication needs. Our team of experts provide the highest quality of customer service with attention to detail, cost-effectiveness and speed. With our comprehensive range of products and services, we strive to make our customers’ lives easier by simplifying their communication and connectivity needs.

Our goal is to bring optimal communication solutions that help our customers succeed in their respective industries while staying within budget constraints. Our commitment is backed by a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated towards delivering high-quality products and services with the latest technology.

Meet the SolaaS Team

Rene Wheeler

René Wheeler
Managing Director

René is a seasoned IT and Telephony professional with over 30 years of experience in delivering technology solutions to businesses.

With his extensive knowledge in managing technology spend, he has helped numerous businesses optimise their technology investments and achieve their goals. René is highly skilled in providing expert advice on best practices and is always looking for ways to leverage technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency. He has a proven track record of advising multiple businesses across different industries and is passionate about staying up to date with the latest technology trends. With his innovative solutions, René has helped businesses achieve their objectives and increase productivity.

Overall, René is a respected industry professional who has made a significant impact on the businesses he serves.

Jordan Woodbridge

Jordan Woodbridge
Technical Director

Meet Jordan, our astute and quick-thinking IT engineer. In the face of critical issues, Jordan consistently demonstrates unwavering focus and a prompt resolution mindset, ensuring that challenges are addressed swiftly and with meticulous care. His commitment to solving problems aligns seamlessly with our customer's best interests, showcasing a genuine dedication to delivering solutions that matter.

Martin Neale

Martin Neale
IT & Telephony Engineer

Meet Martin, our seasoned IT and Telecoms engineer with extensive industry experience. Whether he's spearheading a new installation, executing system upgrades, or tackling technical hurdles, Martin ensures our clients receive nothing short of robust solutions they can trust.

Cleyon Johns

Cleyon Johns
IT Apprentice

Introducing Cleyon, our vibrant and cheerful IT apprentice who brings a contagious enthusiasm to our team. Always sporting a happy smile, Cleyon dives into the world of IT and telecoms with boundless energy and eagerness to learn. With a commitment to soaking in knowledge and acquiring new skills, Cleyon is on a journey of growth and development in the IT realm. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Cleyon's eagerness to learn makes him an asset to our team.

Reiss Oughton – IT Apprentice

Reiss Oughton
IT Support Engineer

Meet Reiss, a dedicated IT support engineer with a passion for learning and a drive to progress in the dynamic world of technology. Reiss embraces challenges as stepping stones to growth and actively seeks ways to enhance expertise. With a forward-thinking mindset, Reiss is a valuable asset to our team, contributing to our collective journey of innovation and advancement.

Michaela Wheeler

Michaela Wheeler
Operations Manager

Michaela is an asset to the SolaaS team. Her fantastic organisational skills have assisted in improving our in-house systems. Her role is varied and covers every aspect of our order process, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth, and Michaela loves the fact no two days are the same!