Rescuing a Thriving Dental Practice from an Inefficient and Expensive Phone System

Reception area at Leamington Road Dental PracticeThe Challenge

Leamington Road Dental Practice, a thriving dental practice in Coventry, faced significant communication disruptions after signing up for a new contract with BT Local Business.

Following a consultation with a BT Local Business representative, the practice was enticed into a new package, which the practice owner Priyesh Lad was led to believe covered both business phones and internet connection for the next five years. However, the transition proved tumultuous. Unbeknownst to Priyesh, the contract only covered internet services, leaving the practice stranded without operational phone lines. After numerous phone calls, BT, operating independently from BT Local, reinstated phone connections at inflated rates, leaving Priyesh feeling disillusioned and financially burdened. “I felt completely misled by BT. Instead of cost savings and operational enhancements, we faced escalated bills and a basic phone system ill-suited for our expanding practice,” Priyesh explained.

Priyesh continues, “I felt completely trapped in the situation until a contact of mine recommended talking to SolaaS and from then on things became much easier.”

SolaaS’ Solution

A full review of Leamington Road Dental Practice’s phone system was carried out by SolaaS’ MD René Wheeler.

René explains, “Every time we visit a new site, we like to carry out a comprehensive review of the current set up and gain as much information as possible about how the business operates, to fully understand it’s communication needs. Unfortunately, the situation with BT Local is not unique, the salesperson is so focused on getting a contract signed that they ignore what is best for the business. At SolaaS we like to do things differently and the needs of the business are always at the forefront of every solution we deliver. Alongside competitive pricing, we want to ensure the technology supports the business today and into the future.”

SolaaS implemented a Wildix telephony solution, giving the practice access to an easy-to-use phone system and the ability to control how they handle calls.

Priyesh from Leamington Road Dental Practice concludes, “We are so pleased with our new phone system. Not only the technology but the reduction in the cost of our monthly bills. The service from the SolaaS team has been second to none and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The after care has been brilliant and any issues encountered have been rectified straight away. Unlike a call to BT where you are put through (eventually) to someone different each time, a call to SolaaS is dealt with by someone we know and someone who knows us.”

Empower Your Business with SolaaS:

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