Enhancing Security and Safety in Retail with x-hoppers

Shop workers behind counter wearing Wildix headphonesThe Challenge:
Fiona and Vince Malone, proprietors of Tenby Stores, an independent convenience store located in South Wales, were grappling with the escalating occurrences of in-store thefts, resulting in average annual losses totalling £26,000. Beyond the financial strain, the safety of their team was increasingly jeopardised, prompting mounting concerns for staff well-being.

Fiona elaborates, “Taking charge of security was paramount, but as a small enterprise, we needed a solution that was not only effective but also affordable. Intrigued by the effectiveness of headsets in theft prevention, we explored options at a Retail Trade Show.”

“Despite trialling a headset solution, it didn’t quite meet our requirements. Upon closer examination of the Wildix brochure, we realised that their x-hoppers solution aligned better with our needs,” Fiona adds.

Unlike conventional headset suppliers, x-hoppers distinguishes itself by harnessing AI technology to analyse images from strategically positioned cameras within the store. When suspicious movements are detected, an alarm is triggered, alerting team members wearing headsets of potential theft incidents.

Opting for the x-hoppers solution, Tenby Stores were introduced to SolaaS, installation partner for Wildix and x-hoppers.

SolaaS’ Solution:
Conducting a comprehensive site survey, SolaaS designed a bespoke technology infrastructure to support the installation. However, this posed challenges due to the remote location of Tenby Stores. René Wheeler, MD at SolaaS, explains, “The advanced AI technology integrated into the x-hoppers solution necessitates a reliable and robust internet connection. Fortunately, our partnership with Starlink, a satellite connectivity solution, proved instrumental in overcoming this obstacle.”

Moreover, Starlink not only ensured a dependable internet connection but also enhanced overall business operations, including improved phone connectivity and daily efficiency.
Following seamless installation and comprehensive staff training, the system was launched. Within a few months, Fiona and Vince observed a significant decrease in theft incidents.
Fiona comments, “x-hoppers has surpassed our expectations by fortifying security within the store and curbing thefts. We’ve proactively communicated these enhancements to the local community, serving as a deterrent against shoplifting. As the tourist influx picks up, we anticipate our in-store signage, visible cameras, and staff wearing headsets will act as additional deterrents. Moreover, the audible alarm serves as a formidable deterrent against theft attempts.”

Fiona continues, “Alongside the improvements to security, we have been surprised and impressed with how the new system has helped improve our working practices, making us more efficient. Another huge benefit is the positive impact on staff well-being, with the team feeling safer and more in control when they are on the shop floor.”

The x-hoppers headset solution is poised to revolutionise the retail sector, offering user-friendly operation, scalability, and a flexible month-by-month contract, removing the financial barrier of substantial upfront costs.

In conclusion, Fiona commends SolaaS and x-hoppers, saying, “The team’s exceptional support eased our transition to the new system. Theft incidents have plummeted, enhancing team safety and improving our bottom line. As active members of various retailer networks, we wholeheartedly endorse SolaaS and x-hoppers to fellow business owners facing similar challenges.”

For further details on how this solution can transform your retail business, please get in touch.