SolaaS – Supporting Coventry Schools

students at a computerThe Challenge

Ensuring a robust and reliable internet connection is pivotal for the seamless operation of modern schools, where a multitude of educational and administrative tasks depend on cloud technology.

Facing challenges with connection reliability, Finham Park Multi-Academy Trust sought a solution. In this testimonial, Jason Hart, Head of MAT IT Services, shares their journey collaborating with SolaaS to address and overcome this crucial issue.

SolaaS’ Solution

“With over two decades of experience in IT and education support for Coventry Schools, adapting to evolving challenges is simply part of the job. Establishing long-term strategies to enhance the quality of teaching and learning is essential. A significant aspect of the IT strategy involves transitioning to cloud-based platforms, optimising operations, and strengthening cyber security measures.

Regular evaluations of our core services revealed a pressing need to address internet connectivity, particularly amidst rising service costs nationwide. Upon reaching out to SolaaS, I engaged in discussions with René Wheeler to address our requirements for high-speed, reliable internet connectivity while ensuring adherence to timelines and milestones.

The decision to transition all our schools to SolaaS was remarkably smooth, thanks to René and his dedicated team. SolaaS has consistently kept us informed of progress, demonstrating both professionalism and friendliness that complemented our ICT team’s approach. Since migrating, we’ve enjoyed stable connectivity, reduced costs, and enhanced support services. As part of our business continuity strategy, we’re now implementing secondary internet connections to bolster resilience in the face of increasing cyber threats.

I extend my gratitude to SolaaS for their exceptional service and for inviting us to their 1st Birthday celebration recently, where we connected with other passionate individuals in Coventry. I eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership with SolaaS and wish René and his team every success in the future!”

Jason Hart - Head of MAT IT ServicesJason Hart
Head of MAT IT Services
Finham Park Multi-Academy Trust