The future is bright, the future lies with Apprentices

Reiss and CleyonAs a start-up organisation with a growing team, it was vital we recruited the right people. We wanted people on board who have the same passion for the IT and Telecoms sector as we do and the drive to grow and develop as our business grows. What better place to start than with apprentices and we have to say we have struck gold!

Cleyon Johns and Reiss Oughton joined the business 3 months after we launched. Both had a background in IT but were finding it a challenge to know the next steps to take.

SolaaS’ business plan included recruiting apprentices and so we signed up to work with a local apprentice provider. Luckily Cleyon and Reiss did too and the rest they say is history.

Cleyon explains, “After gaining a degree in 3D Gaming Arts, I realised that this was not the career path I wanted to take. I knew I wanted to stay within the technology sector but wasn’t sure in what capacity. I decided to try the apprentice route as I felt this was a more reliable way to get into industry and I liked the idea of learning on the job.”

Reiss adds, “Like Cleyon I knew I wanted to work in technology and after gaining some qualifications I too was unsure on the next steps. Joining SolaaS has been a fantastic opportunity. Alongside the training and the end goal of a Level 4 qualification, it is exciting be part of a start-up and watch the company grow and flourish. As a small business, I am also exposed to a variety of situations and learning so much more than if I was in a classroom situation.”

René Wheeler, Managing Director at SolaaS comments, “Throughout my career I have mentored young people from the start of their career and beyond. It is satisfying to watch them develop their skills and grow in confidence. Both Cleyon and Reiss are unrecognisable from their first interview, which is great to see.”

René continues, “It is vital our young people gain skills to future proof UK business and businesses need to invest time into the younger generation. With the right guidance, an apprentice can help you unlock the key to success and grow a team that knows your business inside and out, is loyal to your business, and feels part of your business journey.”

The apprentices have inspired SolaaS to launch an innovative new initiative to help other businesses benefit as SolaaS has. Apprenticeship Connect is something that is completely new to the IT and Telecoms sector.

Introducing Apprenticeship Connect and the benefits to your business:

Working with SolaaS and your local apprenticeship provider, we help recruit an IT and Telecoms apprentice.


We train that apprentice on how to look after and maintain your IT and Telecoms as well as the other skills required to attain the level knowledge required to pass the qualification.


Once qualified, you have your own in-house IT and Telecoms specialist – reducing the need for external IT and Telecoms support and safeguarding your systems from within your business.


Your apprentice will achieve a level 4 qualification.


At the end of 2 years, you have a valuable member of staff.


For more information on Apprenticeship Connect, please call us on 02477102180 or email