SolaaS Empowers Two Coventry Schools with Essential Services

Pupils working at computersSolaaS IT is commemorating a significant 6-month milestone by celebrating the successful execution of two noteworthy projects. They have seamlessly introduced new internet connections across the six schools within the Finham Park Multi Academy Trust and a state-of-the-art Wildix phone system at Coventry College.

René Wheeler, the Managing Director of SolaaS IT, emphasises the vital role these projects play. He states, “With years of experience working with educational institutions, I fully appreciate the critical need for reliable internet and phone connectivity to ensure the smooth operation of schools and enhance the learning environment for both students and staff.”

René elaborates, “Jason Hart, the Head of MAT IT Services for Finham Park Multi Academy Trust, contacted SolaaS IT after suffering numerous internet outages over the past 18 months. Coventry College sought our assistance to reduce their phone expenses and enhance communication across their entire campus.”


SolaaS IT, as part of its standard practice, conducted a thorough assessment of the specific requirements for each client. As an independent provider of IT and telecom services, they have access to a diverse range of solutions, enabling them to select the most suitable options for each project.


The goal was to have both new systems operational in time for the start of the academic year. The implementation of these projects proceeded seamlessly, and on-site training was provided as needed. When students returned after the summer break, the new systems were fully operational, and staff members were confident in their usage.


Jason Hart commended the professionalism of René and his team, stating, “René and his team are consummate professionals. They provide invaluable advice, keep you informed about the progress of your orders and installation dates, and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.”


With its successful first 6 months as an indicator, SolaaS IT eagerly anticipates the future, expecting a period of heightened activity and growth.