Efficient and Affordable: Employing AI Technology for Retail Theft Reduction

Retailer wearing Wildix headphonesIn a recent report by the British Retail Consortium, concerning statistics have come to light. It was revealed that retail theft in the UK’s ten largest cities has risen by 27%, adding to the industry’s existing challenges of soaring prices and operational costs. Alarmingly, incidents of violence and abuse against retail workers have also doubled since the pre-pandemic era.

Amid this worrying landscape, SolaaS has taken proactive measures to collaborate with several retailers. We’ve introduced an innovative AI solution designed to effectively curtail in-store theft, providing a glimmer of hope in this challenging scenario.

Our solution is a fusion of cutting-edge products from two prominent technology providers: Wildix’s groundbreaking x-hoppers headset and Veesion’s intelligent store monitoring camera system. x- hoppers, developed by Wildix, offers a sophisticated retail communication solution for in-store messaging and intelligent retail support. When combined with Veesion’s unique AI camera capabilities, it creates an affordable, user-friendly security system.

Shop workers behind counter wearing Wildix headphonesVeesion’s AI camera monitoring software analyses images captured by each camera, accurately assigning probabilities to actions observed on screen. The moment the likelihood of theft surpasses a predefined threshold, signifying gestures associated with shoplifting, Veesion’s system triggers an alert.

Through the seamless integration of Veesion and x-hoppers, this alert is instantly relayed via the PA system or directly to staff headsets, enabling swift intervention to apprehend potential shoplifters.

If you’re eager to explore this cutting-edge security solution further, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can strengthen your retail operations and safeguard your business from the growing threat of theft.